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Linux Server:


§         Create a simple user on the Linux machine which can stop, start and run the Urchin server and files.

§         Install Urchin server on a Linux machine with permission for the user you have set in step 1.

§         The following files under the urchin user home directory must be modified:

·                     file name: .profile

·                     file content: export PS1=" $"

·                     file name: .bashrc

·                     file content: export PS1=" $"

·                     file name: .cshrc

·                     file content: set prompt=" $ "

§         If the file "/etc/motd" has a message which contains the "$" sign, then remove it and verify that the file's content doesn't include the "$" sign by running the command:
cat /etc/motd | grep '\$'

§         Do the following test:

·                     Try to connect using SSH to this server with the user you have created, and try to restart the server.

·                     Make sure that your prompt is " $" without the quotes.


Windows SD server:


§         Open Windows Control panel --> Go to Add/remove programs

§         Select ServerDirector

§         Choose "Modify"

§         Add "Urchin 5" server

§         User name & password should be of the simple user you defined on the Linux machine. It should have SSH access to that machine & permissions to stop, start & run Urchin apps/server.

§         Choose a password for a local windows user (sphurchin) which will be created in order to collect the Urchin logs.


A problem which may occur:


§         The following error message is displayed: "invalid username or password reported by server, or a bad private key"

In this case the configuration file of the SSH server on the Linux machine should be edited.

In the file: /etc/ssh/sshd_config change the value of: PasswordAuthentication to ‘yes’ and restart the SSH server.

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