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Article ID: 4032, created on Mar 24, 2008, last review on Apr 17, 2012

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Sendmail leaves a lot of cores in the VDS


Check sendmail logs (var/log/maillog) to see if sendmail receives mail for users that are in VDS/etc/passwd but not on VDS/etc/features files.

for example, mail sent to:  mail@VDS_DOMAIN

This is a list of such users: bin, daemon, adm, lp, sync, shutdown, halt, mail, news, uucp, operator, games, gopher, gdm, xfs

Add  the user to VDS/etc/features file

the syntax is: :=,=

quota value can be:

-1 for disabled the service

 0 for unlimited quota

 or any absolut number for quota in MB.

for example:


Please note: script or cron are probably used to send these mails to those users.

You can also change the recipient address in the script to solve this problem.

This has been fixed for version 3.7 and is only relevant for 3.5

Please backup all files before modifying them

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