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Article ID: 3731, created on Feb 8, 2008, last review on May 10, 2014

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  • Helm 3


When running the Setup Wizard from a new install, it fails. The Server Diagnostic says everything passes, but it won't create a domain. In the error log you see something similar to this:
2003-12-29 15:36:15 Mail.CreateEmailAccount The PostOffice '' already exists
2003-12-29 15:36:15 Mail.IEMail_Execute The PostOffice '' already exists
2003-12-29 15:36:15 CEmail.CreateEmailAccount The PostOffice '' already exists
2003-12-29 15:36:19 modNTFS::RevokeFolderSecurity SetACL failed for User Account: sampledomain.com1 ()
2003-12-29 15:36:20 CDomain.AddDomainEx
2003-12-29 15:36:20 CSetup.PreConfigureEx


There is a very rare chance that if you have uninstalled Helm prior to installing it again, the domains that were created in MailEnable were not deleted. Simply go into MailEnable Administrator, and delete any Post Offices referencing the domain you are trying to add in Helm. Now go back into Helm and try to add the domain. It should work.

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