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Can a reseller share SSL to all of their customers?
It is possible to do but this means all domains created for this reseller will have to go on one server.

You will need to create a Web Service for the reseller on the server you want him to use. Then in this web server settings enter the SSL in the Shared SSL option.

Then create a web resource group specifically for this user. Add the service we just created then proceed to the resellers Package. Under Web Resources change the resource used from the current one to the one you just created.

This means that all domains for this reseller will be on one server and they can use the same shared SSL.

Obviously, you will need to set-up the actual SSL certificate on the server.

You will also need to put the SSL domain you created for the reseller as the SSL domain in the web service.

Domains already created under the reseller will need to be deleted and then re-created once you have changed the web resource to use the new one you have set-up.

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