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If you want to assign a Unique (dedicated) IP to a Domain using HELM so that the site is only accessible through the IP Address, see below.


In Helm, go to Home > System Settings > Servers
and click on the webserver. At the bottom of the server details is the list of IPs that Helm has been told that are on that server. Click on one of these that ISN'T assigned to a service, and within the IP properties is a checkbox to mark the IP as static. Check the box and click Save.

If you go to a domain that is on that webserver in Helm and go to Website Settings you will see the option to change to that dedicated IP address in a drop down box. Select this IP and click Save and Helm will convert the domain to use this dedicated IP.
Note what happens with DNS entries for dedicated domains:
1. The www.domain A record is updated to the new IP
2. The domain A record is updated to the new IP
3. The *.domain A record is NOT updated.
This is by design.
If you updated the * record then all the sub-domains would need to be changed to the dedicated IP which then means the IP is no longer dedicated, as more than one site is using that IP.
The Host Headers are set this way to allow for DNS propogation. Many ISPs may have cached the DNS records which means if the host headers were immediately changed to the dedicated server IP's, the site would return an error. This way the site will work with the dedicated and the shared IP. Once sufficient time has passed for propagation then you can remove the shared IP headers.

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