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Product : Ensim Pro X for Windows
Version : 10.0.0
Topic : Language pack
Now Available: Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack
Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Product : Ensim Pro X for Windows
Version : 10.0.0
Date :  26-July-2007
Description : Language Pack for the Brazilian Portuguese Language for Ensim Pro X v10.0.0 on Windows
Download :
md5sum: 4493688494654ebd9cd163dcc8f6eaa8

Installation Instructions :

  1. Remotely login to the Ensim Pro server using Remote Desktop (How to article:
  2. Transfer the translated files onto the Ensim Pro server.
  3. Create a directory with the name “de” in the following locations:
    a) Change to the directory <install_dir>\cp\admin\resources\  where  <install_dir> refers to the path where Ensim Pro is installed.
    For example, if Ensim Pro is installed in C:\Program Files\Ensim\WEBppliance, then go to    C:\Program Files\Ensim\WEBppliance\ cp\admin\resources\ directory.
    b) <install_dir>\cp\admin\siteadmin\serviceComponents\filemanager\FMWeb\resources\
  4. Copy all the translated files to <install_dir>\cp\admin\resources\de where  <install_dir> refers to the path where Ensim Pro is installed.
  5. If there is an older version of a file, the new version should replace it. From the DOS shell, do the following:
    1. Change directory (cd) to <install_dir>\cp\admin\resources where  <install_dir> refers to the path where Ensim Pro is installed.
    2. Type the following commands.

                          i.      net stop w3svc
                          ii.     reglangpack –s <epserver> where <epserver> is the name or IP address of the Ensim Pro server.
                          iii.    net start w3svc

  1. Change directory (cd) to<install_dir>\cp\admin\siteadmin\serviceComponents\filemanager\FMWeb\resources and repeat Step 5.b in the preceding step. where  <install_dir> refers to the path where Ensim Pro is installed.

The translated files are installed and you will be able to view the translated strings when you log on to the control panel.

Disclaimer:This translation has been developed by one of Ensim’s customers. It has not been tested by Ensim.
This translation provided by Ensim is provided "as is", "with all faults" and without any warranty of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of third party rights, to the maximum extent permitted by law. No oral or written information or advice given by Ensim, its licensors or suppliers, resellers, agents or employees will create a warranty. Ensim and its licensors and suppliers do not warrant that this translation provided by Ensim will be error-free, secure or uninterrupted and hereby disclaim all liability on account thereof.



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