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Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.2.0
Topic : Upgrade

Support for MailScanner-4.61 and Clamav-0.90

Support for MailScanner-4.61 and Clamav-0.90



Version: 10.2.0 (Fedora Core 4, Fedora Core 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Cent OS 4.4)      

Issue: Ensim Control Panel by default has the clamavmodule setting in MailScanner configuration, this was causing high loads on the server. This was also due to the MailScanner + ClamAV versions installed on the server not being compatible with each other.

Resolution:To address this we are providing the rpms for the latest compatible versions of these two softwares with clamav setting which is less resource hungry as compared to the clamavmodule.

md5sum: 497fad0b0027a54cb8e8f9f2869365d1
md5sum: beff79a45f689fa54819d64098b824c
md5sum: bdf1749248c3d306f2422121d8cad4dd
md5sum: f1c695218766446d831febfb965e96b3
md5sum: 43682f7bd66d8b0d9348722ee4f181e4
md5sum: 0fe65d1199d6bcb8cb00a19298a7863f
md5sum: 61c25d220396da4c5db8201ebbf4e658

For FC6:
md5sum: addccbf78ee3f009360566104e00d63a
md5sum: 33adb38bd4c439b4322bb4f58be85a15
md5sum: bdf1749248c3d306f2422121d8cad4dd
md5sum: 36ae08ad78909d6efb98742ed70da3a0
md5sum: 680cb1730e58a2e0852ede143dd65382
md5sum: 61c25d220396da4c5db8201ebbf4e658

md5sum: efc0aab5341daed08d984a165b3db71a
md5sum: 6b0949333a60eb48ae1496e671f490bb
md5sum: 5c766b98fe4f04b7546ba84e5336c9aa
md5sum: bdf1749248c3d306f2422121d8cad4dd
md5sum: a389b0da8f022c90b24c35f409470d2c
md5sum: c95496dae8c459ad35861a3d382293af
md5sum: de252a9998e982f7440e83727134b514
md5sum: 61c25d220396da4c5db8201ebbf4e658

Installation Procedure:

1. Get the RPMs from the locations mentioned above.
2. Upgrade the RPMs (rpm -Uvh *.rpm)
3. sh


  • Currently you can set the %org-name% variable, however there are now two additional ones which would be good to be able to configure as well, namely %org-long-name% and %web-site% which can be set in /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf file:

          %org-long-name% = Ensim Corporation
          %web-site% =


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