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Product : Ensim Pro for Linux
Version : 10.3.0
Topic : Notification
Ensim Pro/Basic for Linux v10.3.0
Ensim Pro/Basic for Linux v10.3.0 - release notification

Ensim is pleased to announce the release of Ensim Pro/Basic for Linux v10.3.0.

Supported Operating Systems:

32 Bit:
1. Fedora Core 4
2. Fedora Core 6
3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4ES
4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 5ES
5. CentOS 4.4
6. CentOS 5.0

64 Bit:
1. Fedora Core 6
2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4ES
3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 5ES
4. CentOS 4.4
5. CentOS 5.0

New Features:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5)/ Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS 5.0). Ensim Control Panel 10.3.0 can now be installed on the RHEL 5 and CentOS 5.0 operating systems.
Support for 64 bit Architecture. Beginning with this release, 64-bit architecture is supported on the following operating systems— FC 6 (Fedora™ Core 6), CentOS 5.0 (Community Enterprise Operating System 5.0), CentOS 4.4, RHEL 5 (Red Hat® Enterprise Linux ES Release 5), and RHEL 4.
WebDAV Support. WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol, which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on the remote Web servers. Ensim Pro for Linux now provides you WebDAV or FrontPage Server Extensions to publish your sites to the Ensim Pro server.
Cron Job Manager. Cron Job Manager is an application that allows the isp admin to create Cron Jobs through the control panel, which is an automated process that operates at specified time intervals. It allows you to create commands on your server that completes the scheduled tasks automatically at set intervals.
Intermediate SSL Certificate support. Beginning with this release Intermediate SSL certificate can be managed using the Ensim Control Panel. SSL certificates supported by Intermediate SSL certificate provide the highest possible security solution for the customers.
Provisioning Email template. Ensim Pro now supports customizing the email notification that is sent after the completion of the export/import operation.

Please read the Release Notes for more details.

Download locations for Ensim Pro/Basic for Linux v 10.3.0 installers:

32 Bit:
1. Fedora Core 4:
md5sum : 796cc155d7cfa1a2834cfdbd3dfe7bb5
2. Fedora Core 6:
md5sum : 5012494159210e8f8c0f5c967ce3a344
3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4ES, CentOS 4.4:
md5sum : bfdf2fd58a782730a895ff383ade5b9f
4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5ES, CentOS 5.0:
md5sum : c5596500864b579bd77cd43be89ff70f

64 Bit:
1. Fedora Core 6:
md5sum : 9274f53e5ab05e489bac87dffc15eb1a
2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4ES, CentOS 4.4:
md5sum : 7caeef975645cd8fefcbecbdd9ecaf7f
3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5ES, CentOS 5.0:
md5sum : 620bb907f043188bc7fd37482f3fd987

Installation instructions:

Fresh install:
Please refer to the Ensim Pro/Basic for Linux 10.3.0 Installation Guide.

Upgrade from Ensim Pro/Basic for Linux v10.0.0, v10.1.0 and v10.2.0:
Please refer to the Ensim Pro/Basic for Linux 10.3.0 Upgrade Guide.


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