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Knowledge ID 2436
Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.1.0
Topic : Notification
Sendmail configuration update for CBL compliance
Sendmail configuration update for CBL compliance

Applies to: Ensim Pro X 10.1.0 and above.


When a site administrator creates a mailing list which includes an external email address (i.e. not belonging to the site administrator's domain).

In this case, when a mail arrives from outside, for the, then the top level sendmail daemon running on the EPL server correctly routes the email to the FST. The chroot()ed sendmail then hands off the email content to the majordomo handler.

The majordomo handler then re-invokes sendmail to deliver mail to its recipients based on MX whose domain is external to the box.

This creates an outgoing SMTP connection, whose conversation starts with EHLO <>

We have a fix for chroot()ed which will correct the EHLO strings.

Run the script on the server which will modify each site for smart relay.


Download :
md5sum : 7a3c4081425fe850c11c9f23dc254ebf

Instructions :
Download the script and run on the server.
# wget
# perl


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