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Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.1.0
Topic : Hotfix

Hotfix 5 : Addresses multiple issues

Addresses multiple issues



Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.1.0 (Fedora Core 2, Fedora Core 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4ES, CentOS 4.1, CentOS 4.2, CentOS 4.3 and CentOS 4.4)
Date :   05-December-2006

Resolved Issues :
This hotfix resolves the following issues:

            1) Siteadmin accessing the FileManager returns getpwuid error when uid and gid of siteadmin is not same.
            2) FileManager returns 500 error.
            3) Mailboxes/users, Filemanager in siteadmin UI shows users/files of different site (Fliplist content mixup).
            1) A User having a different numeric value for UID and GID creates problems for File Manager.Applying this hotfix fixes the problem.
            2) If "/var/tmp" happens to be Symbolic Link to "/tmp" accessing FileManager used to throw errors this hotfix resolves this issue.
            3) Improved storing of fliplist contents in sessions.                         

Download :

For fc2:
md5sum: 537be8fd9573efce9854b7752892d355
md5sum: 42fc7ac3d81287545866345819dda134
md5sum: 8a4930399095be50b9c512c873974c30
md5sum: 78f32f181881a6ef7473b45284b5e99f
md5sum: b21eeff5738614e137f0194387911f0f

For fc4:
md5sum: e08d7db64042968eef954c2fc497e6c3
md5sum: 3b6b17b5e133deab18ede928e9d4348b
md5sum: f962fbf79156f274d99257755db753dc
md5sum: a040556ffdbdd45f8db62c7cea1691c7
md5sum: efc62e377642931ef12e3007abe12f24

For RHEL4, CentOS 4.1, CentOS 4.2, CentOS 4.3 and CentOS 4.4:
md5sum: 7cb18a333be052bfcc19fe185b71d659
md5sum: 357d9c5d39cb11f6f9459dd9da5dd2b4
md5sum: 6cbaa9b39431fa63ef91be1c02b01795
md5sum: bd49c1bd2d7614041b423fae89295a44
md5sum: b86f039bde37db392d0710129c6c5ec9

Installation Procedure:
1) Get the RPMs from the locations mentioned above
2) Upgrade the RPM

For Fedora Core 2:
rpm -Uvh epl-files-frontend-10.1.0-fc.2.15.i386.rpm  epl-files-10.1.0-fc.2.15.i386.rpm epl-commonlib-10.1.0-fc.2.15.i386.rpm epl-users-frontend-10.1.0-fc.2.15.i386.rpm  epl-frontend-common-10.1.0-fc.2.15.i386.rpm

For Fedora Core 4:
rpm -Uvh epl-files-frontend-10.1.0-fc.4.15.i386.rpm epl-files-10.1.0-fc.4.15.i386.rpm epl-commonlib-10.1.0-fc.4.15.i386.rpm  epl-users-frontend-10.1.0-fc.4.15.i386.rpm  epl-frontend-common-10.1.0-fc.4.15.i386.rpm

For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, CentOS 4.1, CentOS 4.2, CentOS 4.3 and CentOS 4.4:
rpm -Uhv epl-files-frontend-10.1.0-rhel.4ES.15.i386.rpm epl-files-10.1.0-rhel.4ES.15.i386.rpm epl-commonlib-10.1.0-rhel.4ES.15.i386.rpm epl-users-frontend-10.1.0-rhel.4ES.15.i386.rpm epl-frontend-common-10.1.0-rhel.4ES.15.i386.rpm
3) service epld restart






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