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Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.0.0
Topic : Notification
Recursive DNS lookup
Advanced tool to enable/disable recursive DNS lookups

DNS recursion support is defined under BIND 9, using the `recursion' and

the `allow-recursion' directives, as part of the options grammar.

See for a reference

of the BIND configuration syntax.


md5sum : aa20a67c438492be1113571f47238889

Installtion Instructions

Download the script and copy in "/usr/lib/opcenter/bind/" directory.


There is now a script called 'recursivedns' , which allows

you to modify the DNS recursion settings for your EPL server.

Usage: recursivedns [on/off] [all] [+allowedhost1 [+allowedhost2] ...]
[-deniedhost1 [-deniedhost2 ...]
This program manages recursive dns settings on the local DNS server,
and can be invoked as:

recursivedns on|off Use the on/off (or yes/no) flag to control whether
 recursion should be allowed
recursivedns +localhost Add `localhost' to the list of servers to whom
recursion will be allowed
recursivedns - Remove `' from the list of servers
allowed to recurse
recursivedns +all Honor the recurse flag in DNS queries from ALL hosts
recursivedns -all Deny the recurse flag request in DNS queries from ALL
recursivedns Display the recursion settings for the local DNS server

Exit Code: 1 if recursion is allowed, 0 if recursion is denied
Note 1: In display mode, one allowed host is printed per line
Note 2: Some additional debug messages may be printed on STDERR
Note 3: If the program succeeds, the new options are stored
in options.conf.wp
If the program fails, then the new options are stored in
the OPTIONS file
These files are located under /etc/bind/

Invoking the script

  • To display the recursion settings, just run `recursivedns'

  • To turn on recursion support, run `recursivedns on'

  • To turn off recursion support, run `recursivedns off'

  • To allow recursion to all hosts, run `recursivedns +all'

  • To disallow recursion to all hosts, run `recursivedns -all'

  • To allow recursion to a particular host, run `recursivedns +HOST' (note: HOST must be an IP address)

  • To disallow recursion to a particular host, run `recursivedns -HOST' (note: HOST must be an IP address)

  • To display the usage, run `recursivedns --help'

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