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Knowledge ID 2303
Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.0.0
Topic : Hotfix

Hotfix 1 : Usage Reports give traceback error if threshold is 0 (unlimited)

Addresses the issue "Usage Reports give traceback error if threshold is 0 (unlimited)"



Product : Ensim Pro for Linux
Version : 10.0.0 (Fedora Core 2, Fedora Core 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4ES, CentOS 4.1, CentOS 4.2 and CentOS 4.3)
Date :  05-July-2006
Description : The usage reports under isp & reseller admin show up traceback error if any site is alloted 0 threshold(unlimited) bandwidth.
Download :

For fc2:
md5sum: 656853715d3aeb6af66da25f7cbee50f

For fc4:
md5sum: ea9eeaf4e19e2d16feeefaf4fdd11b93

For RHEL4, CentOS 4.1, CentOS 4.2, CentOS 4.3:
md5sum: 636e70a2aa6f5ff7f301752961ed0105

Installation Procedure:

  1. Get the epl-bandwidth RPM from the locations mentioned above
  2. Upgrade the RPM.
  3. Run the following command:
    • For FC2:
      rpm -Uvh epl-bandwidth-frontend-10.0.0-14.fc.2.i386.rpm
    • For FC4:
      rpm -Uvh epl-bandwidth-frontend-10.0.0-14.fc.4.i386.rpm
    • For RHEL4:
      rpm -Uvh epl-bandwidth-frontend-10.0.0-14.rhel.4ES.i386.rpm
  4. Service epld restart





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