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Knowledge ID 2273
Product : EnsimPro for Windows 2000
Version : 3.6
Topic : FAQ

Upgrading BIND 9.2.2 to the BIND 9.2.3 on Ensim Pro for Windows 3.6.

Upgrading BIND 9.2.2 to the BIND 9.2.3 on Ensim Pro for Windows 3.6.



Important: Please ensure that you complete all the steps. Failure to do so will lead to an unusable Ensim Pro for Windows. 

Steps for upgrading Bind 9.2.2 (Version bundled with WWP 3.6) to Bind 9.2.3 (Latest version)

Note: Please make sure that you manually type the commands that are mentioned below and not copy/paste them.

  1. Grab the Bind 9.2.3 binary kit from the following location        
  2. Unzip the contents of the above zip file in some location on your disk. Let’s assume it to be in c:\bind9 for rest of the document.          
  3. Open command shell          
  4. Backup the contents of entire c:\winnt\system32\dns         
  5. Run the following command 

          instsrv named remove

  1. Switch to c:\winnt\system32\dns\bin directory           
  2. Run the following command 


  1. Make sure, that, checkbox for “Keep Config Files After Uninstall” is turned ON and then click on “Uninstall”. This will uninstall “Bind 9.2.2” from the system.           
  2. Open command shell           
  3. Switch to c:\bind9 directory           
  4. Run the following command. This will open up the Bind 9 installer window 


  1. Make sure, that, checkboxes for all the ‘Options’ are turned ON and Click on “Install”. This will install Bind 9.2.3 on the machine. If you encounter the error “Error creating service (the name is already in use either as a service or a service display name)”, exit the installer, reboot the system and again start from step 9.           
  2. Run the following sequence of commands 

          instsrv named remove

          instsrv named c:\winnt\system32\dns\bin\named.exe

          net start named

        If the second command fails saying “Default : Unable To CreateService (Unknown Reason) :

        1072:The specified service has been marked for deletion, please reboot the machine and then carry out second and third command again.

14.    Restart virtualhosting service using the following commands 

          net stop virtualhosting

          net start virtualhosting

Note: Read C:\Winnt as C:\Windows in case of Ensim Pro for Windows 2003.


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