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Product : WEBppliance for Linux
Version : 2.4
Topic : FAQ

During installation of WEBppliance for Linux on a freshly formatted Red Hat Linu

During installation of WEBppliance for Linux on a freshly formatted Red Hat Linux 6.2 box (using the LS install option), I get an error during the "Checking FTP server..." then "Installation aborted."


As a part of the WEBpplaince LS installation routine, files are downloaded from Ensim FTP servers to your local machine. These FTP servers must be recognizable by your local machine. You received the error because the installation routine could not properly access these FTP servers.

Please verify that the network is properly configured for the machine and that you can ping external sites, e.g., and Once the Internet is visible to the machine, re-try the installation program.
If the error persists, then please provide the following log files to Ensim Customer Support:

- installer.log
- installer.err

They should reside in the same directory as the file.

One user encountered this problem due to a firewall. The username and password worked fine, but the command being passed into 'ncftpget' was erroring out.

He had to add -F to all of the ncftpget references in installer.lib to get ncftp to use PASV mode for the FTP transfers to get out through his firewall.


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