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Product : WEBppliance for Linux
Version : 3.5.0
Topic : FAQ

Upgrading to WEBppliance Pro 3.5 fails to exit maintenance mode

Upgrading to WEBppliance Pro 3.5 fails to exit maintenance mode



When WEBppliance Pro 3.5 runs "/etc/rc.d/init.d/webppliance start" it will attempt to upgrade all of the domain's filesystems and exit maintenance mode. This can fail in two situations:

1) A reseller's domain has disk quota of 0 or disabled:

If there are any domains that are assigned to a reseller and that reseller has a disk quota, in 3.1.x a reseller could create domains with a disk quota of 0 (for unlimited) or disabled disk quotas. WEBppliance Pro 3.5 does not allow this so the upgrade fails. To fix this you need to modify:


Make sure enabled equals 1 and quota equals some non zero value so it looks like:

units = MB
version = 3.5.0-47
enabled = 1
quota = 500.0

2) A domain's reseller no longer exists:

In WEBppliance for Linux 3.1.0 if you deleted a reseller, the reseller's domain's were still left assigned to that reseller's ID. On an upgrade to WEBppliance Pro 3.5 the upgrade will encounter this and will not allow this. To fix this you need to modify:


Change reseller_id to 0 so it looks like:

version = 3.5.0-47
enabled = 1
reseller_id = 0

You can verify if the user id is assigned to a reseller by looking in /home/reseller. If the ID isn't in that directory then the reseller has been deleted and the domain needs to be assigned back to the appliance administrator (who has the reseller_id of 0).

After you have corrected these problems you can attempt to continue the upgrade by starting "/etc/rc.d/init.d/webppliance start". If the upgrade fails you can find out which domain the upgrade halted on by looking in /var/log/appliance/ensim_appliance.log. Ignore any warnings about disk quotas being disabled, WEBppliance disables disk quotas on an upgrade so it can upgrade each domain, quotas are turned back on once the upgrade has finished.


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