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Knowledge ID 1068
Product : EnsimPro for Windows 2003
Version : 3.6
Topic : FAQ

Issue with Mailenable: When you create a domain alias via Webppliance

Issue with Mailenable: When you create a domain alias via Webppliance then the new email alias gets added to the existing user accounts. However when you create a new user account via Webppliance then the email alias does not get added to this account.



To overcome this issue Mailenable has come out with a fix. For installation instructions for this fix please refer to the following details:

IMPORTANT: This patch is applicable for all variants of WWP 3.6 on Windows.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download the EAddUser.vbs from:
2. Go to C:\Program Files\Ensim\Webppliance\base\services\winmail\mailapi" directory
3. Rename EAddUser.vbs to some other name say EAddUser.vbs.old
4. Copy the downloaded patch from Step 1 'EAddUser.vbs' in C:\Program Files\Ensim\Webppliance\base\services\winmail\mailapi directory
5. Restart Virtualhosting service
          Net stop virtualhosting
          Net start virtualhosting


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