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Knowledge ID 1041
Product : EnsimPro for Windows 2003
Version : 3.6
Topic : FAQ

ISC BIND crashes on Ensim Pro for Windows 3.6.

ISC BIND crashes on Ensim Pro for Windows 3.6.



ISC BIND crashes on Ensim Pro for Windows generating the following errors in Event viewer:

socket.c:2230: fatal error:
select() failed: Socket operation on non-socket
exiting (due to fatal error in library)

Reason: This is due to Bug in ISC BIND 9.2.2 version that is bundled with Ensim Pro for Windows.

From ISC BIND 9.2.3 release note

1459[bug] win32: we were leaking a bits in the exception
fd_set resulting in "Socket operation on non-socket"
errors from select(). [RT #2966]

Solution: This issue is fixed in 9.2.3 version of ISC BIND. Upgrading ISC BIND to 9.2.3 version will resolve the issue.

Refer the following KB article to Upgrade ISC BIND from 9.2.2 to 9.2.3 on Ensim Pro for Windows 3.6.


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