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Product : EnsimPro for Windows 2000
Version : 3.6
Topic : FAQ

Fresh Installation of Urchin 5 and Integration with Webppliance Pro for Windows

Fresh Installation of Urchin 5 and Integration with Webppliance Pro for Windows 3.6 (2000 and 2003).



Important: Following procedure is only for Urchin 5 and not for previous versions of Urchin and their migration.

Procedure: To install Urchin 5 and the Urchin add-on:

(1) Download Urchin 5 software from Urchin website:
(2) Download Urchin Add-on available at:

(3) Stop the virtualhosting service.
     Net stop virtualhosting
(4) Install Urchin 5 by following the instructions in the installation interface.( The license for Urchin can be obtained directly from Urchin and not from Ensim)
(5) Open a command prompt window and change to the directory where the Urchin add-on file urchinaddon.exe is located.
(6) Install the Urchin Add-on by using command.
     urchinaddon -addon
(6) Go to the registry and edit the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ensim\WEBppliance\Addons\UrchinAddon\UrchinName key and set it to Urchin 5.0
    (Step 6 only ensures that in the CP Urchin is displayed as "Urchin 5.0")
(7) Start the virtualhosting service.
     Net start virtualhosting

Viewing Urchin 5 reports :

To view site reports in Urchin you must log on to the Urchin interface by entering the Site Administrator username and password. 

About the Urchin 5 username and password :

For new domains (created after installing Urchin 5 and the Urchin add-on), the username and password to view Urchin 5 reports is the same as the Site Administrator logon name and password. Changing the Site Administrator password also changes the Urchin password. 

Note:  If you disable Urchin for a domain and then enable it again, the Urchin password for the domain is set to welcome. Enabling Urchin for an existing domain (created prior to installing Urchin) also sets the Urchin password to welcome. In both cases, changing the Site Administrator password sets the Urchin password to the newly changed password.


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