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Article ID: 134673, created on Jan 28, 2020, last review on Feb 7, 2020

This hotfix also requires
OA 8.3.0 HOTFIX 134674 PUI v5
OA 8.3.0 HOTFIX 134670 Payment Management v1

Fixed issues

  • OA-9032 Updates in the Payment Manager
  • OA-10411 MSRP prices are missing for delegated service plans in UX1

Included from OA 8.3.0 HOTFIX 134669 PLATFORM v7

  • OA-10434 Optimization of execution time. Security links to L2 resellers can be missing in some billing plans and resources
  • OA-10414 Security links to L2 resellers can be missing in some billing plans and resources

Included from OA 8.3.0 HOTFIX 134658 PLATFORM v6

  • OA-9851 Unable to import offer configuration changes using PCM because due to exceeded size limit of the configuration file
  • OA-9923 The 'corePower' resource was not added to subscriptions that were switched to a plan with this resource
  • OA-10055 Documents with status "Processing Payments" can be displayed as "Open" in UX1
  • OA-10228 Registration and deregistration of a hardware node does not work
  • OA-10298 After synchronization, a reseller is unable to sell delegated plans or their own through UX1 Marketplace

Included from OA 8.3.0 HOTFIX 134635 PLATFORM v5

  • OA-9869 Support for Pending status in Capture method of the PHP payment plugins SDK
  • OA-9853 Updates to VPS CPU Power settings are not synchronized with Instance Manager
  • OA-9852 Custom attributes in a Subscription cannot be updated
  • OA-9535 Security links to L2 resellers can be missing in some billing plans and resources
  • OA-9526 Synchronization of delegated-on-demand service plans takes significant time

Included from OA 8.3.0 HOTFIX 134622 PLATFORM v4

  • OA-9617 Changing OACI resource limits in a subscription does not actually change the limits
  • OA-9533 DB connection acquisition error causes the APS booster to deactivate permanently on the MN

Included from OA 8.3.0 HOTFIX 134613 PLATFORM v3

  • OA-9520 Created costs do not take into consideration all subscriptions if Billing Order is created per account

Included from OA 8.3.0 HOTFIX 134595 PLATFORM v2

  • OA-8438 Per-subscription default payment methods
  • OA-9089 The APS controller does not update operation info on type re-import
  • OA-9165 Improvements for ARDoc_AddCreditMemoWin
  • OA-9209 Method pem.setResourceTypeLimits is works slowly for subscriptions with a big number of users
  • OA-9262 Legacy Plan and Subscription API does return prices rounded to currency precision

Included from OA 8.3.0 HOTFIX 134587 PLATFORM v1

  • OA-8825 The ability to display document total and tax values in local currency
  • OA-9019 Some APS application screens can hang in UX1
  • OA-9211 Time to export a product configuration dramatically increased due to increase of pem.getServiceTemplate execution time


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use oa-update KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 8.3.0 via oa-update.

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