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Article ID: 134654, created on Jan 5, 2020, last review on Jan 5, 2020

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Office 365 application was upgraded to version 19.1.3/19.2.3 where Microsoft Customer Agreement is introduced which should replace Microsoft Cloud Agreement:

Support of the Microsoft Customer Agreement

Microsoft replaced the Microsoft Cloud Agreement with the Microsoft Customer Agreement, which means that all customers must accept and confirm the new agreement. To learn more about this, please see the article at

As of version 19.2.3, to facilitate the acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement, the application enables a customer to accept the new agreement and provide the contact details of the person who accepted it. When purchasing licenses or license seats through the application, customers who have not accepted the new agreement will be asked to accept it and provide their acceptance information; in the customer control panel, customers who have not accepted the new agreement will receive notifications reminding them to accept it and provide their acceptance information.

However, the following message is shown in Customer's Control Panel:

You need to accept Microsoft Cloud Agreement


The behavior is expected. Only back-end functionality regadring Microsoft Customer Agreement was backported in versions 19.1.3/19.2.3. Notifications/messages in UI still show Microsoft Cloud Agreement while they actually refer to Microsoft Customer Agreement.


Upgrade your Office 365 application to version 19.3 where Microsoft Customer Agreement is fully implemented including front-end part (notifications/messages in UI).

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