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Article ID: 134607, created on Nov 22, 2019, last review on Nov 22, 2019

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This hotfix requires Odin Automation Premium 7.4 or later.

Fixed Issues

  • CCU-20483 Non-localized error messages in UX1
  • CCU-20487 A legacy VPS fails to migrate a VE with a particular combination of ip + ipmask
  • CCU-20496 Impossible to change the endpoint logging level without restarting this service
  • CCU-20518 Deleting an OACI subscription fails with the NullPointerException error
  • CCU-20525 The "High-Accuracy" header to be passed to a Billing API to display prices correctly must be implemented
  • CCU-20535 Installation of Plesk on "ubuntu-18.04-x86_64" fails
  • CCU-20544 Links for the documentation and support pages must be updated
  • CCU-20560 A back-up file may not be displayed in UX1 after VE recreation

Installation Procedure

To install Cloud Infrastructure Automation application, follow the instructions provided in the Cloud Infrastructure Automation Deployment Guide.

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