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Article ID: 134528, created on Oct 7, 2019, last review on Oct 8, 2019

This hotfix also requires
OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134510 PLATFORM v13

Fixed Issues

  • OA-8139 Service plans are missing in UX1 Marketplace for L3 resellers

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134516 PUI v5

  • OA-7895 Unable to deploy additional mn with UI Cluster in k8s

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134490 PUI v4

  • OA-7862 Changes from OA-7278 are not applied in cloud installations
  • OA-7508 Some valid UK telephone numbers are treated as invalid when register them in UX1 for Customers
  • OA-7504 Support of the "APS-Actor-Scope" header in OAuth authenticated sessions

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134455 PUI v3

  • OA-6870 APS instance status does not change to "Scheduled" during the instance upgrade

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134440 PUI v2

  • OA-6805 Resources of the Application Counter type cannot be created

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134432 PUI v1

  • OA-6305 The UX1 panel took a significant time to load for customers who had more than 500 subscriptions
  • OA-6588 Staff members with limited access to the Control Panel could edit the Privacy Policy


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use oa-update KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 8.0.0 via oa-update.

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