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Article ID: 134138, created on Jun 11, 2019, last review on Jun 11, 2019

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.4
  • Business Automation 8.0
  • Business Automation 7.4


An Cancellation order stuck in Long-Running Operation status with the following comment:

Waiting for service to stop and latest resource usage to appear.   


This issue is caused by software-related issue PBA-84533 "Cancellation order stuck in 'Long Running Operation' state after subscrition was manually stopped".

Cancellation order item is ready for complete (bOItemCancel :: isReadyForComplete) only in case it has some value of DelayCancellationUntil.

DelayCancellationUntil value is filled ((bOItemCancel :: setDelayCancellationUntil)) only when polling request pem.disableSubscription is completed.

But if subscription service was stopped manually before cancellation order was placed - there will be no polling request, as result DelayCancellationUntil value will never be filled and cancellation item will never be ready for complete, so order will stuck in Long Running Operation forever.


PBA-84533 was fixed in OA 8.0. Yo resolve the issue, please upgrade to 8.0 at least.

to apply a workaround, please contact the Technical Account Manager or Pooled Technical Associate Team at

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