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With the availability of CloudBlue Connect, the demand for listing of APS Advanced packages at the APS Catalog has decreased significantly. Therefore, the operation of the APS Catalog will be discontinued as of Sep 30, 2019 and CloudBlue will no longer support certification process for APS Advanced packages. CloudBlue will have no further obligations to you in relation to the operation and/or support to the APS Catalog service.

If you are using APS connectors developed by independent software vendors (ISVs), you should obtain all further versions of the connectors, updates to already released versions, and all the related deliverables directly from the corresponding ISV.

If you are using APS connectors developed by CloudBlue, information about all released connectors and their latest versions can be found here:
All required updates to the connectors will be published therein. If you cannot find your connector on the list, please contact your CloudBlue account manager.

If you want to develop your own integration, you should start by using CloudBlue Connect.

All installed versions of APS connectors will continue their functioning without any interruption.


In the past, Odin created an ecosystem with Service Providers running Odin Automation on one side and ISVs / system integrators developing APS connectors on the other side. In order to streamline certification and listing processes for APS connectors, the APS Catalog ( was launched. Today the catalog holds around 1,300 connectors from 280 packagers (Ingram, ISVs or system integrators).

Over time, as APS connectors became more powerful and complex, full reviews of the code and functionality became more difficult, and the certification stopped producing valuable feedback. Moreover, today most of APS connectors are only used by 1-2 Service Providers, with most of them having direct contact with the packager. The APS Catalog stopped serving its original purpose.

At the same time, CloudBlue launched Connect, which allows service connectors to be built easier, faster, and without separate certification. The catalog for Connect-based connectors resides directly inside the Connect service. Most importantly, Connect-based connectors work with both Odin and CloudBlue, while APS connectors only work with Odin Automation.

CloudBlue recommends building all new service connectors for Odin Automation via Connect. Service Providers with Odin Automation can continue to use and develop APS connectors, but those connectors don’t have to be published in a central catalog or go through certification. Therefore, CloudBlue decided to end-of-life and shutdown the APS Catalog by 30-Sep-2019.

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