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Article ID: 133962, created on Apr 25, 2019, last review on Apr 25, 2019

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 8.0
  • Operations Automation 7.4


  1. CPU Core Power resource unit of measure was changed from MHzh to GHzh.
  2. The CS virtual server template is configured with a relatively small step for Core Power (e.g. 100 MHz).
  3. When pressing 'Add new server' button on the Cloud Servers screen in UX1, the calculated fee for CPU Power shows unexpected values like: $0.0/2.431432432e-16 GHz per month.


A cosmetic software issue CCU-20167.


To show correct human-readable values, 2 workarounds are possible:

  1. Switch back to MHzh.
  2. Configure CPU Power with a 500 MHz or 1 GHz step.

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