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Article ID: 133922, created on Apr 11, 2019, last review on Apr 11, 2019

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 8.0


On attempt to add a new application instance for GDPR application, as per the deployment guide, the following error occurs:

Module: "APSDeployment", code = "8509" Properties: name = "gdpr-backend", version = "2.0.134". Message: "Cannot find Helm package with name 'gdpr-backend' version '2.0.134'".

gdpr-backend pod is not installed:

# kubectl get po


Since Odin Automation 8.0, Kubernetes APS applications are installed through helm utility.

The corresponding documentation issue DOC-623 has been submitted to CloudBlue R&D.


  1. Create a script on OA management node:

    cat << EOF >
    from poaupdater import openapi
    api = openapi.OpenAPI().settings
    open('a8n-operator.values', 'w').write(
    mnhost: %s
    openapilogin: "%s"
    openapipass: "%s"
    rbacenabled: true''' % (, api.user or '', api.password or ''))
  2. Get the required parameters for a8n chart deployment:

    osscore# python
  3. Create a yaml file with the following content (replace IP address with the real oss db address and a8n db password - with actual db password):

    export dspassword='<PUT HERE REAL PASSWORD FOR a8b DB>'
    export ipaddr=''
    cat << EOF > gdpr-values.yaml
    dsdbname: a8n_gdpr
    dshost: $ipaddr
    dslogin: Z2Rwcg==
    dspassword: $(echo -n $dspassword | base64)
    dsport: '!!integer 5432'
    javaheapsize: -Xms512m -Xmx1024m
    jdbcconnectionparams: ?ApplicationName=gdpr&ssl=true&sslfactory=org.postgresql.ssl.NonValidatingFactory
    maxdbpoolsize: '!!integer 16'
    mindbpoolsize: '!!integer 1'
    oauthkey: $(echo -n $(uuidgen) | base64)
    oauthsecret: $(echo -n $(uuidgen) | base64)
    period: '!!integer 1'
    type: DAYS
  4. Install the gdpr-backend chart:

    osscore# helm install a8n/gdpr-backend -n gdpr-backend -f gdpr-values.yaml

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