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Article ID: 133260, created on Oct 5, 2018, last review on Oct 18, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.4


How to replace NFS server of NG Web Cluster


The correct way to move specific webspace from one NFS volume to another is to use API pem.web_cluster.changeNFS: API reference guide

There is another way to move all webspaces to new NFS server without OA DB updates:

  1. Prepare new server for NFS (target server) in accordance to documentation.
  2. Set target server ip address same as source server (old server).

    This ip can be found in PCP > Service Nodes > Web Clusters > required cluster > General > NFS Volumes section > required volume.

  3. Copy all nfs settings from source server to target server.
  4. Copy all content of /path folder from source server to target server (note that permissions to all files and folders should not be changed)

    /path here is 'Exported path' from NFS Volumes section (see step 2).

  5. Stop httpd service on all webservers in the NG cluster.
  6. Turn off source server and turn on target server
  7. Start httpd service on all webservers in the NG cluster.

If you face some issues you always can return all back by turning off target server and turning on source server.

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