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Article ID: 133036, created on Aug 10, 2018, last review on Aug 10, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.3


Unable to create Load Balancer. The attempt fails with the error in CCP:

HTTP load balancer could not be created. Please try another configuration or contact your hosting provider"*

In /var/log/pa/vps.log on the Instance Manager node can be found the following:

2018-01-01 01:23:45,496 (a123abcd-b260-4d16-98b4-2a6333f9f70f) INFO  CustomLoggingFilter [Grizzly-worker(4)] - 35498 * Server in-bound request
35498 > POST
2018-01-01 01:23:45,504 (a123abcd-b260-4d16-98b4-2a6333f9f70f) INFO  CustomLoggingFilter [Grizzly-worker(4)] - 35498 * Server out-bound response
35498 < 406
35498 < Content-Type: text/plain
35498 < x-callback: false
35498 < x-paci-request-id: a123abcd-b260-4d16-98b4-2a6333f9f70f
35498 <
P30002: Cannot find suitable hardware node

The centos-6-x86_64 OS template is based on 'linux-commercial' OS types, and the affected subscription doesn't have the corresponding resource type included.


centos-6-x86_64 OS template is used for creating an LB, and any restrictions on using this template may cause creation failures.


Add the linux-commercial OS type resource to the subscription or recreate the centos-6-x86_64 with linux-free type.

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