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Article ID: 132466, created on Apr 2, 2018, last review on Jul 24, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.3
  • Business Automation 7.3


Only the first SSL certificate is installed on an Apache website in the following cases:

Case 1: Attempting to install CA certificate chain for website with NG hosting in CCPv1/CCPv2 > Websites > SITE > Webhosting settings/Configure Hosting Settings > SSL tab > Install new CA certificate > Install new CA certificate > Choose File/Clipboard > Provide a file with chain of SSL certificates

As a result, only the first certificate from the chain is uploaded to the webspace location. It can be checked in the file /var/www/vhosts/NFS_SHARE_ID/WEBSPACE_ID/webspace/certs/httpsd.pemca on the NG Web Server.

Case 2: Attempting to install an SSL certificates chain on a branded website in PCP > System > Settings > Brands > BRAND > Certificate > Install new Certificate


This behavior has been reported to Odin Development team as the request POA-115035: OA can't operate with chain of SSL certificates. This was resolved in Odin Service Automation Premium 7.4.


Case 1 (installing a CA chain on a WebHosting Linux webspace):

To resolve issues with a CA chain:

  1. Make sure that Odin Automation 7.3 is installed on the host.
  2. Download this tool to the management node.
  3. Allow the tool to be executed:

    chmod +x webhostinglinux-ca-chain-fixer
  4. Place the correct CA chain to the file system.
  5. Run the tool on the management node, specifying the proper path to a CA chain file instead of the <CA_CHAIN_PATH> placeholder, the domain ID instead of the <DOMAIN_ID> placeholder, and the webspace ID instead of the <WEBSPACE_ID> placeholder.

    To correct a CA chain by specifying the ID of a domain:

    ./webhostinglinux-ca-chain-fixer --ca_chain_path <CA_CHAIN_PATH> --domain_id <DOMAIN_ID>

    To correct a CA chain by specifying the ID of a webspace:

    ./webhostinglinux-ca-chain-fixer --ca_chain_path <CA_CHAIN_PATH> --webspace_id <webspace_id>
  6. If any errors occur during the execution of the tool, follow the recommendations in the tool's output.

Case 2 (installing a CA chain on a brand):

Consider an update to the latest version of the Odin Automation Premium platform or contact your Technical Account Manager or Pooled Technical Associates team ( in order to apply an internal workaround for the previous version of the OA Platform.

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