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A domain cannot be edited in CP, its hosting type is set as

Plesk DNS hosting (Use Plesk nameserver as primary one, and nameservers provided by vendor as secondary)

The configured Plesk IP Address for the DNS zone belongs to a removed or recreated subscription, so the IP address is not valid anymore.


Under certain conditions, a DNS zone may not get de-synced from Plesk after subscription removal or recreation. The behavior is planned to be improved in the future OA releases in scope of CCU-14407.


  1. Download script.

  2. Fetch the account and subscription token:

    # token=$(python 1000001 1000012)
  3. Find the APS resource of the domain DNS zone:

    # curl -k -H "APS-Token: $token" "https://localhost:6308//aps/2/resources/?implementing(,eq(name,"
                            "type": "",
                            "id": "5726487f-a214-45a7-96ca-a53a125e238e",
  4. Nullify the externalMaster field of the DNS zone resource:

    # curl -k -H "APS-Token: $token" "https://localhost:6308//aps/2/resources/5726487f-a214-45a7-96ca-a53a125e238e" --data '{"externalMaster": null}'  -X PUT

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