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Article ID: 132337, created on Mar 6, 2018, last review on Mar 19, 2018

Release Notes

Fixed Issues

New fixed issues

  • POA-114714 Improvements of Exchange migration procedure

Included from OA 6.0.9 HOTFIX 130897 Exchange WPE v4

  • POA-111542 Hosted Exchange. Cmdlet Set-DistributionGroup is executed twice

Included from OA 6.0.9 HOTFIX 130519 Exchange v3

  • POA-110665 Task "Remove distribution list" fails

Included from OA 6.0.9 HOTFIX 130243 Exchange v2

  • POA-109720 SDK::GetMailLists::doGetMailLists fails if number of exchange addresses in result is greater than 2000

Included from OA 6.0.9 HOTFIX 129990 Exchange v1

  • POA-108927 Long-running tasks of Exchange SC consume all task runners


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use pa_updates_installer KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 6.0.9 via pa_updates_installer.

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