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Article ID: 132186, created on Feb 4, 2018, last review on Sep 28, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 7.3
  • Business Automation 7.4


On an attempt to upgrade/downgrade amount of resource using Provider/Reseller control panel or CCP v1, the following error may appear:

"Order cannot be placed. The usage of 'resource' exceeds the new limit specified".


A service plan of the subscription has a composite resource rate that includes unlimited amount of some other resource. The order cannot be placed even if some other resource is upgraded but not the composite one. This happens because of the way the billing communicates to OA: a request to set limits for all resources included to a Service Plan is sent.

This behavior is acknowledged as incorrect and reported to the development team as PBA-83870.

Contact your Technical Account Manager or a member of the Pooled Technical Associates team at to clarify the status of this issue.


  1. Check the Service Plan Resource Rates and find a composite resource which includes resources with an Unlimited amount;
  2. Replace the "Unlimited" multiplier of the included resource with some big value;
  3. After the modification, synchronize the subscription's resource(s) with the Service Plan using the "Update Limits" option.

See also

There is another way to get the described error message when trying to purchase a subscription using CCP v2. That case is described in the KB132544

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