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Is Odin Automation environment affected by CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715 and CVE-2017-5754 also known as "Spectre" and "Meltdown" security vulnerabilities?

These vulnerabilities are not related to Odin Automation directly, they are addressed on the OS level. Please follow appropriate guideline for your OS vendors:

Resolution guideline for Virtuozzo 6/7 users

Resolution guideline for RedHat 6/7 users

Resolution guideline for CloudLinux 6/7 users

CentOS 7 - kernel security update
CentOS 6 - kernel security update

RedHat Bugzilla links:


Windows Server guidance to protect against speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities
Security Update Guide

How do I know if my system vulnerable or not?

You can download and run the script in a node/VM from:

How the fix affects Odin Automation platform performance?

The updated kernel packages provide software mitigation for the issue at a cost of potential performance penalty in "system call" operations, so performance degradation effects will vary based on the number of syscalls a workload is making.

Expected performance degradation measured on Xeon E5 CPU series:

  • OA MN/DB nodes (provisioning, resource usage collection) up to 10%
  • UI nodes (control panels) - up to 5%
  • BA APP/DB nodes (daily billing) - up to 5%
  • Service nodes (Shared Hosting, etc) - not measured, depends on service

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