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While trying to open web console (in PCP or CCP) the following error appears: 'web console initialization failed'.

In vps.log the following message could be seen:

(1b7df13c-5e63-401a-b2a2-18b19d6d6136 start_console_cb callback) ERROR LogConfigureConsoleCallback [Thread-815] - ERR network adapter (p5p4) not found: failure PRL_ERR_NETWORK_ADAPTER_NOT_FOUND
(1b7df13c-5e63-401a-b2a2-18b19d6d6136 start_console_cb callback) ERROR LogConfigureConsoleCallback [Thread-816] - ERR is_vz7 ? get_vnc_host_port_vz7 : get_vnc_host_port_pcs6(configure_console_cb, console.c, 524): failure: PRL_ERR_NETWORK_ADAPTER_NOT_FOUND

Where p5p4 is the name of frontnet interface.


Backnet NIC is selected as backnet/shared/pstorage - OA configuration allows this - and is not included in virtual bridge. OACI does not support such configuration for legacy purposes.


CCU-17449 has been confirmed to be the root cause of this issue. Please contact Odin Technical support in order to workaround the issue.

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