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Article ID: 124648, created on Feb 27, 2015, last review on Jun 12, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 6.0


After upgrade to BA 6.0.x the list of containers missing some container that used to exist in BA 5.x. For example:

[root@hostname ~]# /etc/init.d/pba status
Checking Stellart Service Manager:                         [RUNNING]
Checking Stellart Log Server:                              [RUNNING]
Checking Application Transaction Manager:                  [RUNNING]
Checking PBA REST CSM API Server:                          [RUNNING]
Checking Stellart Generic Worker Process:                  [RUNNING]
Checking PBA REST PCP API Server:                          [RUNNING]
Checking PBA REST UPSELL API Server:                       [RUNNING]
Checking Stellart WWW Server:                              [RUNNING]
Checking Stellart XML RPC Server:                          [RUNNING]
Checking PBA Tasks Execution Scheduler:                    [RUNNING]
Checking Parallels Business Automation:                    [RUNNING]

there is no DOMAINGATE container.

Checking its status gives FAILED result:

[root@hostname ~]# /etc/init.d/pba status DOMAINGATE
Checking Business Automation Tasks Execution Scheduler:    [RUNNING]
Checking Business Automation pba-core Container:           [STOPPED]
Checking Business Automation DOMAINGATE Container:         [STOPPED]

Attempt to start the "missing" container fails:

[root@hostname ~]# /etc/init.d/pba start DOMAINGATE
Starting PBA pba-core Container:                           [FAILED]
Starting PBA DOMAINGATE Container dependencies:            [FAILED]


Since BA 6.0.x there are no separate processes, no separate services for most of the containers (including some custom), they work inside generic_worker process. It does not affect the functionality - if there were some APIs in this container, they are to be called in the same way as in BA 5.x. If due to whatever reason you need to perform a restart, you will have to restart the whole pba service.

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