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  • Operations Automation 5.5


  1. Apache website on Shared Hosting server is not available, the following error message is shown in the browser when opening the website:

    Service Temporarily Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
    Apache Server at Port 80
  2. The following errors in the Apache log on the corresponding Linux server:

    [Wed Oct 19 18:47:29 2011] [error] Rejecting


The error message 'Rejecting vhost' is reported by the Apache module mod_limitipconn installed on the OSA-managed Linux Shared Hosting server. The module allows to limit the number of simultaneous connections to the same virtual host.

The following directive may be found in the Apache virtual host configuration file:

<IFMODULE mod_limitipconn>
    MaxConnPerVhost 100

The limit of simultaneous connections is taken from the following activation parameter of the OSA service template the customer subscription is based on:

Limit of simultaneous requests

So, if at some point a website reaches the limit of allowed number of simultaneous connections, all consecutive connections above this limit will be rejected. When the number of simultaneous connections drops below this limit, the website will be available for new connections.


This solution is applicable only for OSA versions between 2.9 and 5.4. Starting from version 5.5 OSA allows managing Apache settings through UI.

Consider increasing the value of the 'Limit of simultaneous requests' activation parameter in the Apache Resource Type which is used in OSA Service Template(s) or in the Service Template itself (parameters defined in the Service Template override ones defined in the Resource Type).

The new value of the activation parameter will be automatically applied to the new subscriptions only.

In the OSA before 5.5. use the OpenAPI method pem.apache.updateLimits to apply changes in the Apache Resource Type or Service Template to the existing subscriptions, follow the instruction from KB.

Starting from OSA 5.5 Provider may configure the desired webspace limits in the OSA Service Template and then synchronize subscriptions with Service Template through the BA using the instructions KB.

Alternatively, provider may configure resource rates for webspace limits in the BA Service Plan and sell them as additional resources to customers. In this case customers will be able to purchase desired amount of resources in the BA Control Panel.

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